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Process to Rent the Alpine House "Schalom"
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This agenda has the purpose to help people, who are interested in rentig the alpine house Schalom, to find out on their own, if the house is still vacant during the desired period (it helps avoid unnecessary phone calls). For the positions 1. and 2. a phone call is advised (temporary booking is possible).

This agenda shows the calender of one full year just with numbers for the days (without week-days); these are displayed in three colors:
  1. Numbers in black writing mark days, for which the alpine house can still be rented.
  2. Numbers in  yellow writing  indicate, that the house has been temporarily booked for someone, but it could well be that it is still available (just ask).
  3. Numbers in  red writing  indicate a valid reservation of the alpine house (signed renting contract).

Definition of the occupation respectively a reservation:
It is the overnight that follows the afternoon (beginning at about 14h) of the indicated date number and ends during the morning (at about 12h a.m.) of the following date. - Signing in or out may be at other hours, if agreed so.

You can find the agenda here .