Occupation Plan
Process to Rent the Alpine House "Schalom"
Forms to Download

You can download the Price List in PDF format here .

Price List


depends on the total duration of the stay and
is determined by means of the following matrix:

    For a  total of 1 night    per person and night
    For a  total of 2 nights  per person and night
    For a  total of 3 nights  per person and night
    For a  total of 4 nights  per person and night
    For a  total of 5 nights  per person and night
    For a  total of 6 nights* per person and night
                      * (and more)
Please note:
For booking over 2 months in advance (min. 15 people) payment for 15 people in the minimum will be requested.   
If the duration of the stay of various people differs, the number of nights of the majority defines the price per night for all.

Energy cost according to consumption:
Bottled propane gas per kg
Heating fuel (Öko-oil) per can of 10 Liter
Fire wood coarse, cut and split yourself, per gauge box (60x40x30 cm = 70 Liter)
Engergy budget for a camp: Depending on the thermal needs in winter estimate approx CHF 60.- per day; when using bathing tub add approx. CHF 40.- per day of use.

Taxes  (Local and regional, etc.): per night  (subject to change)
Children till 6 years
Children 6 - 12 years
Persons of 12 years and above

Telephone : Amount according to registration unit at the telephone.


Pay in cash at the end of your stay (according to the completed House Return Form/Bill, subtracting 2% of discount and rounded down to entire CHF) to the hirer coming for check-up of the house or when you return the keys at the hirer's domicile in Chur.
A bank transfer of the full amount (no discount) or mailing a bill only by special agreement (mostly causes additional cost and trouble for us).
You may make an advance payment in cash of e.g. 80% of the expected amount, when you begin your stay (to avoid carrying around with you much money) and pay in the end the rest in cash (with 2% discount on the full amount and rounding off).
A bank transfer in advance onto our account is also possible, however, for this you need to request from us by email the necessary banking numbers.

The fully filled in "House Return Form/Bill" must be given or mailed to the owners under all circumstances.

Hirers and owners: Hanspeter & Vreni Wirth-Scholian, Calunastrasse  8, CH-7000 Chur, Tel. (+41) (0)81 353 86 03

Last update: 2.2.2006